Our Mission is to provide quality durable medical products(DME) products directly to the Patient, Physician Office, Surgery Centers and Hospitals, at the lowest out of pocket cost to the patient or facility.

Advanced Medical Solutions is a leader in prevention of life threatening deep vein thrombosis (DVT) as well as DME.  We work with surgery centers and small hospitals across the country to provide DVT prophylaxis  programs to allow patients to recover and heel faster.  We can also help with Durable Medical Equipment, such as crutches, knee braces, shoulder immobilizers, walking boots, breast pumps, etc. to cut down on cost associated with surgey.

Advanced Medical Solutions experienced staff will provide you with professional expertise, to ensure safety and equipment that is easy to use and patient friendly.

See how Advanced Medical Solutions can help your facility with our DME Care programs.276721_104150463028_2045731680_qmedela-logo-web