Advanced Medical Solutions has 20+ years of experience in providing durable medical equipment to patients and athletes to help them recover from injuries, surgeries or accidents. Advanced Medical Solutions will evaluate, measure and properly fit your equipment to make sure you are protected and on your way to recovery. Our experienced staff takes care of everything for you, calling and verifying insurance, finding the best product for your injury and properly fitting and educating you on the product.

Advanced Medical Solutions will provide you with the durable medical equipment that was prescribed to you by your physician. No matter what your injury is, Advanced Medical Solutions has the products to help you recover.

Advanced Medical Solutions provides DME for almost any injury. Whether you need crutches, a shoulder sling, walking boot or brace for athletics, let Advanced Medical Solutions be your DME provider

Proper Fitting and Care

Getting fitted properly is the most important aspect of DME. Our experienced staff is trained in DME and has the skills and knowledge to provide you with the best product to support and aid you in recovery. At Advanced Medical Solution you will be properly fitted and educated on the use of your DME to ensure proper use. We take pride in offering you the best customer service in the Industry.




Insurance Billing

Advanced Medical Solutions is contracted with most major insurance carriers and will match in-network benefits if we are out of network, to minimize any out of pocket cost. We will verify benefits to make sure there are no surprises with your bill and make sure you are aware of any upfront cost associated with your DME.

If you don’t have insurance, no problem, we have established a cash price for those patients that do not have insurance or if insurance will not cover an item. This allows you to get the maximum discount available to reduce costs.

Advanced Medical Solutions will always work with you to find solutions to meet your needs. Call us today (913) 745-4468.