Cold Therapy

Cold-RushNaturally Soothing
The combination of heating and cooling have long been recognized in the medical field as an effective method for treating pain, inflamation, and swelling. The VitalWrap System is designed to deliver this therapy safely and conveniently, with anatomically shaped wraps that are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Used by Physicians
Physicians and healthcare providers prescribe the VitalWrap System for treating chronic conditions. Localized temperature is of particular benefit in treating the following conditions: orthopedic conditions such as acute injuries, chronic pain, lower back pain, muscle spasm and strains; skin trauma such as abscessed, boils, bruises, burns and contusions; other medical conditions such as chronic arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, tendonitis and I.V. infiltration; and symptoms such as infection and localized pain. The versatility of the VitalWrap System means its benefits can be applied to virtually any part of the body.

Safe and easy to use
More convienent than heating pads or ice packs, the VitalWrap System provides precise temperature control and uses innovative thermal wraps that comform precisely and comfortably to your body. The VitalWrap System can be used alone, or as part of a comprehensive pain management strategy created by you and your healthcare provider.

Covered by insurance
When properly prescribed by a physician or qualified healthcare provider, Medicare, workers’ compensation, and many private insurance plans will cover the VitalWrap System.